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Artist description


The Bavarian Youth Mandolin Orchestra is made up of young musicians aged from 12 to 24. The ensemble will present its latest programme of original pieces and arrangements, which showcase a large selection of musical styles from throughout history – from Renaissance court music to Scandinavian Romanticism, to modern experimental pieces that also show the influence of popular and folk music. Apart from mandolins, the orchestra also consists of musicians playing mandolas, guitars and bass guitars, with soloists often playing other instruments.


The concept of "contemporary music" is a threatening idea to many people, who associate it with elitism, exclusiveness and inaccessibility. The young composers Alexander Mathewson, Maximilian Zimmermann, Svetlin Hristov, Felix Bönigk and Claas Krause will present a programme of their own music, which sets out to break down all of these prejudices and take the audience on a journey to different worlds, in which borders are blurred, genres flow into one another and everything comes together in a big musical party. The music will be performed by the composers themselves, alongside students from Pancho Vladigerov National Music Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. The concert will really be a New World, as a large part of the programme has been specifically written for the festival and will be premiered in front of the Plovdiv audience. 


"If you don't know what it is, then it's jazz" said the great Jelly-Roll Morton, who also claimed he invented Jazz in 1902. Whether or not, he really could be called the author of a whole century-defining music genre is a question of its own, but Alexander Mathewson (piano, synth) and Claas Krause (guitar) have drawn inspiration from his freedom-loving spirit and have prepared a programme of originals and arrangements of favourite jazz standards, which aims to stretch the borders of jazz – with influences from experimental music, punk rock and electronic music, the musicians will also be joined on stage by some young musicians from Plovdiv. After the main programme the stage will be open for a jam session – so if you're a musician, bring your instrument along and join in the fun!