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The concert "Christmas in Vienna" – a musical delicacy on the eve of the winter holidays!

The Austrian orchestra Johann Strauss Ensemble will undertake a December tour with the concert „Christmas in Vienna” in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. The Bulgarian shows, will be held on December 20 at Ruse Arena and in 21 at Varna Arena, starting 20,00 hours. The show will include compositions which became famous over time in the Austrian capital city. Special guests, the romanian tenor Alin Stoica, surnamed Pavaroti of Romania and Viennese soprano Elisabeth Wimmer, some of the best soloists of the young generation.

The concert " Christmas in Vienna ", one of the most awaited event that heralds the arrival of the winter holidays, brings in front of the beautiful loving public a unique repertoire made up of works of classical music belonging to the greatest composers of all time (Strauss, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert or Dvorak), waltzes or famous opera arias. The typical Austrian sound, the virtuosity of the musicians and fine moments of humor, guarantee an unforgettable show.

The first soloist and conductor of the unique concerts by the Johann Strauss Ensemble is Russell McGregor, the talented and charismatic conductor of the orchestra of the famous Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Under the baton of Russel McGregor, opera stars such as Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras or Ildiko Raimondi and many other great artists.

Born in Oxford - England, Russell grew up and took his first steps in music in Australia, where he returned after years for a triumphal tour of the country's largest cultural centres, all culminating in the concert in his hometown of Brisbane and the one he held in Sidney at the famous Opera House. Russel currently lives in Austria, the country that adopted him and recognized his artistic merits. Russell McGregor plays a violin manufactured by Carlo Giuseppe Testore in 1697, the "younger sister" of Wolfgang Amadus Mozart's famous viola.

Johann Strauss Ensemble is certainly the most beloved Christmas orchestra by the spectators from Greece and Romania, countries where they have been touring for over 15 years and they are looking forward to meet the spectators from Bulgaria, from whom they hope to obtain the same status.

Founded in 1985, the Johann Strauss Ensemble orchestra is made up of the most talented musicians in Austria, many of whom are of different nationalities, but all of them collaborating with prestigious orchestras in Vienna, Linz or Salzburg.

The typical and unique Austrian sound, plus a drop of humor, underpins the international success of this orchestra of virtuosos, enthusiastically applauded by spectators from all meridians. Johann Strauss Ensemble managed to delight all of Europe through its musical performance. They enjoyed the performances of the orchestra spectators from Paris, London, Monaco, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg, Salzburg Linz and of course, Vienna. On the Australian tour, the musicians from the Johann Strauss Ensemble were called the "Kings of Waltz".

Tickets can be bought from www.eventim.bg and from Ruse OZK Arena and Palace of Culture and Sports - Varna ticket points of selling.