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Registration and passwords

Registration and passwords
After registering on our website you will be able to:
- order tickets to various fantastic events on-line
- order tickets delivery in Sofia, Bulgaria and Europe.
- subscribe for special mailing list with repertoires and announcements
How can I register?
Please go to the registration page and fill in all the fields required. They are marked with star signs (please note that your e-mail will be used as your log in). After you have filled in all the fields a confirmation letter with your account details will be sent to the e-mail address you gave.
What if I have difficulties with registration process?
If you’ve met any difficulties please make sure you have filled in all the fields correctly and followed all requirements. If you still have a difficulty after you’ve done all of this, please contact us via and describe it in detail. We will find out what might have caused it and will inform you about the results in the shortest time possible.
What to do if I have forgotten your password?
To restore your password please use the service of password reminder. A letter with the link generating new password will be sent to the e-mail you’ve given during your registration.

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Payment, Pickup and Delivery Methods

Payment Methods
You will receive a payment form by mail. With this form you have to pay the ticket value into our account. Please pay the amount with reference to the purchase ID into our account whithin 5 working days.

2. Cash on delivery
Тhe sum of the chosen tickets plus the delivery cost are to be paid by you when the courier arrives on the appointed delivery address.

3. Bank card payment with 3D Security Code
Your card will be debited with the open amount. The Payment is being handled by the holding company EVENTIM BG, 58 “6-th September” str., Sofia, Bulgaria. The payment is handled in BGN and a possible difference in the charge amount is expected due to currency rate.

How can I receive my tickets?
You have the possibility to choose from the following delivery/pick up methods in the Webshop:


Your ticket(s) will be sent to you after successful payment.
The delivery fee:
Speedy Sofia EUR 2.81
Speedy Bulgaria EUR 3.32
Aramex Europe EUR 46.01


NOTE: When paying with credit card you need to show your valid credit card AND official identification (Passport or ID-Card) upon pick-up of the tickets.

You can pick up your tickets at main office:
Sofia, 58 6-ti septemvri Str., fl.1
Working hours: from 10 to 18 h
Monday - Friday

At The Mall - Sofia, 115 Tsarigradsko Shose blv., Level 0

3. PICK UP EVENING BOX OFFICE (Not possible for all events)

4. PRINT@HOME (only offered with selected performances)

You may print your tickets right after purchase (only valid with creditcard) or at any time afterwards via "my account - my orders" section. For more information on print@home click here.
print@home EUR 0.50

Delivery Information - price and terms
Delivery within Sofia - 5 working days 7 BGN
Delivery outside Sofia - within 5 working days 8 BGN
Delivery to Europe 90,00 BGN

For cash on delivery orders:
Delivery within Sofia - 5 working days 8 BGN
Delivery outside Sofia - within 5 working days 9 BGN
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Shopping Process

Can I book the tickets on the website and collect on the day of the event?
You can't book tickets and collect them on the day of the eventy. It means that on the day of the event you can book and buy the tickets only if there are any left.
Can I collect my ticket on the day of the event?
An order that has been paid for via Internet can be collected at working days, in the central Eventim BG box-office:

Sofia, 58 6-ti septemvri Str., fl.1
Working hours: from 10 to 18 h, Monday - Friday

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Return and exchange of the tickets

I have bought the tickets but change my mind about visiting this event. How can I return it and get my money back?

According to Art. 57, item 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, the provisions of Art. 50-56 of the consumer's right of withdrawal from the “distance contract” within the 14-day reflection period shall not apply to the provision of leisure activities. In connection with this plea, customers are not entitled to refuse electronic tickets purchased for entertainment events.
How can I return my money for the tickets if the event has been cancelled?
In case of cancellation of an event, the Event Promoter shall be responsible for the refund of the amounts paid for the tickets and for the compensation of the persons who have suffered damage due to the cancellation of the event. The cancellation of the event is a failure of the Promoter to fulfill the obligation to provide the paid entertainment service.
If an event organizer decides to postpone an event or to change a venue, the ticket shall, irrespective of the reasons for the postponement or change, apply for the new date or the new event venue. It is up to the event organizer to decide whether tickets can be returned, reimbursed or exchanged.
The name of the Promoter of the respective event and the seat and management address of the latter shall be published on the website, in the description of the respective event. The name of the Promoter is printed on the ticket for the event.
When selling tickets, EVENTIM acts on behalf of and on the account of the respective Event Promoter. EVENTIM has no obligations regarding the organization of the events and their timely occurrence and is not responsible for the quality of the entertainment service provided.
The price of the tickets purchased shall be reimbursed by EVENTIM only when the Organizer has instructed EVENTIM to make such reimbursement on behalf and at the expense of the Organizer itself and under the terms and conditions determined by the Organizer.
In case the Promoter has assigned to EVENTIM the refund on behalf of the Promoter of the paid ticket price, the reimbursement shall be made in accordance with the procedure and within the time limits specified by the Promoter and announced on the EVENTIM website. In these cases, the customers are refunded the amount printed on the front of the ticket, the refund being done in the following ways:
1. Tickets purchased at the EVENTIM box office are returned to the place where they were purchased;
2. Tickets purchased through the website can be returned locally at the EVENTIM headquarters or remotely by sending the ticket by courier to the EVENTIM management address, in which case the customer must provide EVENTIM with a bank account to which the ticket price will be transferred.
In the event of refusal by the Promoter to refund the amounts paid for the tickets, the clients may submit their requests for reimbursement of the paid price directly to the Promoter at their management address specified in the event description, or to file a complaint against the Promoter with the competent public authorities.
How can I return my money for the tickets if I have bought it from website?
Tickets purchased through the website can be returned locally at the EVENTIM headquarters - Sofia, 58 6th September str.

If you don't have a possibility of getting to our office, please contact us by e-mail - and we'll think about another possibility.
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How can I use print@home?
Print@home service is available only when you pay for your order via Internet. Please choose "Payment via Internet" as a payment method when placing your order. Then on the “Delivery” page you will find print@home service. After you have paid for your order via “Assist” system you will be transferred to the page with your order number and a link to the print version of your ticket.
How does this ticket look like?
You will be provided with your ticket in .pdf format (you will need Adobe Reader to open it).
Please note that the ticket is only valid in DIN A4 format, do not cut it! The second admission by the copy or original of this ticket is impossible.
I have printed my ticket out and lost it. What do I do?
In case of loss of your print@home ticket you can print it out from our website once again.
You will need to authorize on the website and go to “My orders” page. The link to the print order of your ticket will be active.
But please remember that the second admission by the copy or original of this ticket is impossible. Therefore we cannot guarantee you that your lost ticket will not be used by someone else.
How do I pay for print@home ticket?
To pay for your print@home ticket, fill in all the fields required: choose Visa International or MasterCard International card’s type, insert 16 digits of you card number, expiring date, the name of the cardholder, CVC2/CVV2, protecting code and click on "Pay" button.
After this you will be transferred again to the page with your order number and a link to the orders you placed, where you will be able to print out your ticket. You will be provided with your ticket in .pdf format (you will need Adobe Reader to open it).
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What is EVENTIM.Streaming?
EVENTIM.Streaming is our platform for digital show experiences. Live streams and Video on Demand in high definition transport the big stage into your living room.
Through your digital ticket purchased at, you receive an exclusive access link. Just click the link, received in your e-mail confirmation to get to your live stream or Video on Demand broadcast.
How does the broadcast work?
The promoter of a live stream or Video on Demand broadcast transmits the programme to the EVENTIM.Streaming platform. You can access this content using your exclusive access link. Please note, only the promoter is responsible for the programme resp. content of the broadcast.
How do I receive my access link? Do I have to sign in?
After your purchase you will receive an email confirmation. To get to your broadcast, please click the button - Watch your event stream here. No further registration on EVENTIM.Streaming is necessary. Please note: the link is active from about 15 minutes prior to your event. If you click the link earlier, please refresh the web page shortly before the event.

You can use EVENTIM.Streaming with your smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet or smart TV.
Can I watch the broadcast on my TV?
If you have a smart TV, you can use the URL from your e-mail confirmation to access EVENTIM.Streaming. If you access EVENTIM.Streaming via your smartphone, you might use the Screen Mirroring functionality (e.g. Chromecast or Apple TV) to transmit the broadcast onto your smart TV. Here you can find tutorials for Chromecast and Apple TV.
Can I watch the broadcast on different devices at the same time?
No, every EVENTIM.Streaming ticket contains only one access link. However, you can switch devices during the broadcast. For this, please just click your access link on the respective device. The broadcast on the previously used device will stop automatically.
If you want to watch the broadcast on different devices at the same time, please purchase the respective number of tickets.
Is my internet connection fast enough for EVENTIM.Streaming?
For a flawless broadcast, please make sure that your internet connection good and stable at 16 mbps at least. You can check if your connection is fast enough using this test.
My broadcast doesn’t start, what can I do?
Did you already check if your internet connection works properly? If yes, please click your access link again. Please note, the link is active from about 15 minutes prior to your event. If you clicked the link earlier, please refresh the web page shortly before the event.
You have a different question or issue regarding your streaming or video on demand event?
Please contact us via email:
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Admission for children under 18 years old

Can I bring my child to the event and under what conditions?
If the events start after 10 pm. and take place at a venue with consumption of alcohol, minors are not allowed.
For all other events children under 6 years old enter without a ticket if they do not take up seat.
Children under 18 years old are allowed only against a declaration and with an adult.
Where can I download a declaration?
Please, write to
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TICKET INSURANCE - Allianz Partners

What is the Event ticket cancellation insurance?
For further information please see the Product Description
How do I withdraw from the Ticket insurance?
You have the right to withdraw from your insurance contract within 14 calendar days. This must be done in writing (e.g. a letter or email) and sent to:

AWP P&C S.A., Bulgarian Branch
n/p Service Center
str. Srebarna 16
Sofia 1407
Telefon: +359 2 980 00 29

Withdrawal from an insurance contract terminates any provided insurance coverage or future obligations under the insurance contract. If the insurer has already provided insurance coverage, you will be entitled to a refund only for the part of the insurance premium corresponding to the unused period of coverage. For detailed information please go HERE
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