Концертът на Atheist Band се отлага!

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На 04.09.2022 в 17:47 ч. получихме следното съобщение от организатора на ATHEIST, SUICIDAL ANGELS + Guests, Би Джи Ти Ес Си ЕООД:


Концертът на Atheist Band се отлага!

Публикуваме оригиналното изявление на бандата:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control Atheist are forced to postponed our headline tour in Europe. Between myself, our agency and management we did everything we could to avoid this. As such, we are postponing this tour and working hard with all teams involved to be able to regroup and bring this tour and the music to our fans in Europe.

You’ve all been waiting long enough and we ask for your patience for just a little longer.


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