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Charity Tombola with prizes in support of children and families at risk of separation


Asia has never been this close!

Take part in the charity tombola and win a spa weekend for two, a yacht trip, an exotic dinner, a box of homemade chocolate, luxurious sunglasses.. or TWO ROUNDTRIP TICKETS to ASIA!

These and more than 50 other prizes await the lucky participants in the charity tombola, which will be played at the Asian Festival “The Magic of the East” on the 15th of June at the Summer Stage in Borisova garden, Sofia.

BUY 1 ticket, 5 or 10 for the tombola and be one step closer to the continent of the rising sun! All of the funds from the sale of the tickets, Eventim will donate in support of the cause of “For Our Children” Foundation – more children to stay in their families and to not be abandoned.

Be one of the people to help at least 15 children to live in their families and more parents to be confident and sure in their difficult task! Because only the caring support of the family can give children the opportunity to have a wonderful childhood, full of love and happiness, and to encourage them to develop their full potential.

For the second consecutive year, the Asian festival is dedicated to the charity cause of “For Our Children” foundation. This year the event is going to unite 17 countries, which will take the guests of the festival to the exotic world of Asia, with a rich and colorful program with many dance performances, musical, theatrical and martial arts and many more. Each of the embassies will offer unique souvenirs, accessories, exotic food and drinks, the funds from the sale of which will also contribute to the charity cause.

The ticket drawing will start at 19:00 o’clock on the 15th of June! The prizes will be awarded to the lucky ones only after the winning tickets are presented, so we invite all of the participants to be present at the event during the draw. For those who don’t have the chance to attend but have bought a ticket – the results of the tombola will be announced on the Facebook page of the festival, as well as on the Facebook page and website of “For Our Children” foundation.

We wish you GOOD LUCK!

More about the festival here.

More about the cause of the event here.

Here is a list of all the prizes:

-        A roundtrip ticket for two to a destination in Asia by choice, provided by Turkish Airlines

-        A voucher for a weekend away for two, provided by Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko

-        Vouchers for a group trip with a yacht for two, a VIP yacht trip (for up to four people) and yacht sailing lesson for two, provided by SailWithMe

-        20 vouchers for dinner, provided by Restaurant Eisha (Eisha Sushi and Fusion Food)

-        5 pairs of glasses, provided by KWIAT

-        10 InGlobo magazines

-        2 vouchers for Balinese massage, provided by Este Fitness and Spa

-        Voucher for drawing on boutique ceramics, provided by Matzalo

-        Photography, made by children, students of Alberto Staikov

-        Voucher for Balinese massage, provided by Victoria Spa

-        Voucher for handmade chocolate products, provided by 13grams.

-        Bio box with natural and high quality products, provided by GOOD BOX

-        Two vouchers for dinner for two, provided by Palivec Beerhouse

-        Two vouchers for household goods, provided by KREO

-        Two vouchers for dinner, provided by Royal Thai

-        A box of Indonesian culinary delights, provided by Indomie

-        Voucher for Indonesian dinner for two (set menu) from Yati Cooking








  1. I.                 General Terms

    1. The current terms of participation (“THE RULES”) settle the conditions for the conduction of the tombola (“THE CHARITY TOMBOLA”)

    2. Organizer of the charity tombola on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and administrator of the personal data processed in connection with the participation in the Charity tombola, is “FOR OUR CHILDREN” FOUNDATION

Information about the personal data, processed for the participation in the Charity tombola, is available on the website of “For Our Children” Foundation  - www.detebg.org

  1. The charity tombola is held between 15.05.2019 and 13.06.2019 included.


  1. II.               Rules for participation

    1. The right to participate in the charity tombola have all individuals, with the exception of the Organizer’s employees, members of their families (parents, children, spouses and persons they are in factual cohabitation with), as well as all individuals who participated in the organization and holding of the charity tombola.

    2. Participation in the charity tombola is possible only in accordance with the current terms. By participating in the charity tombola, the participant agrees that he/she accepts these Terms and will comply with their provisions. The Terms will be available for the entire period of the Charity tombola at https://www.eventim.bg/bg/


  1. III.              Conditions for participation

    1. Anyone who wants to participate in the charity tombola must:

1.1.Buy ticket/s to participate at  https://www.eventim.bg/bg/, in Eventim’s shop network or on the spot, on the day of the event

1.2. Leave an e-mail address, which the ticket will be sent to when purchased online in advance


  1. The organizer of the tombola doesn’t put any restrictions on the number of tickets that can be purchased


  1. IV.             Prizes

    1. The prize is awarded after presenting the purchased ticket

    2. Replacement of the winning prize with its cash equivalent or other prizes is not allowed. The prize can’t be transferred to third parties.

    3. The awards will be announced on the organizer's website www.detebg.org and on the Facebook page of the organizer https://www.facebook.com/fondatsiyazanashitedetsa/ and t he Facebook page of the event https://www.facebook.com/asianfestivalsofia/


  1. V.               Determine the winners

    1. The winning participants in the tombola will be determined randomly on the day of the event – 15.06.2019 at 19:00 on the central stage. 55 winning participants will be drawn, as well as spare ones.

    2. The spare winning participants will receive the prize in case the winning participant is not on the spot to receive the prize or didn’t contact the Organizer on 02/ 980 70 58 within the time frame set for that.

    3. The user numbers of the winning participants will be posted on the webpage of the organizer www.detebg.org, on the Facebook page of the Organizer https://www.facebook.com/fondatsiyazanashitedetsa/ and the Facebook page of the event https://www.facebook.com/asianfestivalsofia/.

    4. If the Organizer doesn’t receive confirmation from one of the winners that the prize will be accepted within two weeks of the event, it will be given to one of the first spare winners in the order they were drawn.

    5. The prize will be awarded within 30 days of the event, at 21, Gyueshevo Str., Sofia, unless otherwise specified with the winning participant.



  1. VI.             Limitation of responsibility

  2. The Organizer is not responsible if the participant has provided wrong contact details or hasn’t contacted the Organizer within the specified time after the draw of the winners in the tombola on the day of the event.

  3. The Organizer of the charity tombola is not required to notify the participants who haven’t won a prize.

  4. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any content which considers as inappropriate, incompatible with the charity tombola, discriminatory or contrary to the terms of participation.