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Festival in Bansko combines popular bands, indie rock bands and reggae artists


On 10 and 11 July 2015 a musical kaleidoscope will color up Bansko. "Bansko Beat" will bring together popular artists, indie rock groups and reggae bands. The concept of the two-day festival is aimed at all those who prefer modern music that sends messages. Organizer of the event is "Bohemia Entertainment", with the special cooperation of the Municipality of Bansko.

"Bansko Beat" will unfold a musical world before the audience in which some will find new music, while others will have the pleasure of hearing favorite songs live. The first performers to hit the stage of the fest are James Arthur , Mo 'Kalamity & The Wizards and Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra .

The first headliner of Bansko Beat - James Arthur is an absolute hit. The brit became popular in 2012 by taking the first place in the X Factor UK by storm. Immediately after that came his first single - "Impossible". Although the original song is performed by Shontelle it was after Arthur that it  gained global popularity and became the favorite to over 2.5 million owners of the single worldwide. In 2014 the turmoil in his personal life shook his “career boat”, but the boy from Middlesbrough managed to stay on board. In his personal Twitter account he wrote: " 2014 has also taught me that even when the chips are down I still have an unbelievable fan base worldwide! The support has been exceptional. ".  When talking about himself he is quite brief: "My name is James and I'm a songwriter, singer …. and an artist". Fans hope that this year James’s  second album will come out.

The French band Mo 'Kalamity and The Wizards are the reggae surprise of the festival. This year will be their first live performance in Bulgaria. Their way of life is their music. Peace, love and positive energy comes out of each line of their reggae songs that Mo' Kalamity herself writes and composes. Their sound is strongly influenced by her country of Cape Verde. Mo ' began her career as a backup singer, but it was not long before she decided to form her own group of "wizards". The rhythm is reggae, and the message is for love. The sound that perfectly suits Bansko Beat.

Shawn Lee creates Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra as a side instrumental project in 2004. The same year the formation releases their debut album - "Music and Rhythm", which is not the first for the producer, author, musician and award winner Shawn. The music industry is rapidly adopting the sound of the "orchestra" and not long after that movies, games and series get the cheerful, ringing compounds of the american. "Malcolm in the Middle”," Lost”, “Desperate Housewives “, ”CSI”, ”Ocean's Eleven”, “The Bank Job” and many more instilled tension, joy and excitement thanks to Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. Bulgarian audience will have the pleasure of hearing his “modern classic” - "Kiss The Sky" .

So far, the organizers will not present other names that will hit the stage of the festival, but they promise more surprises. "Bansko Beat" will happen in the cool mountain breeze in the hot July days.

Ticket prices are 35 lev for one-day pass and 50 lev for two-day.