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Spectacular Show at Arena Armeec in Sofia


Launched in 2003, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event open to participants aged 10-15 from across Europe. The children must have been actively involved in the writing of their songs, although adult help is allowed. Junior Eurovision promotes creativity, diversity and respect between the participants and all over Europe.


Thanks to the talent of Junior Eurovision 2014 contestants from Bulgaria, namely Krissia, Hassan and Ibrahim, Sofia will be  the host of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. This year in Sofia, 17 countries will take part in the 2015 edition - which is the biggest number since 2007 - including the debuts of both Australia and Ireland in the competition. The ultra-modern Arena Armecc will play host to the event in Sofia, allowing an audience of around 8,000 people to watch the show. Taking part this year are:

  1. Albania

  2. Armenia

  3. Australia

  4. Belarus

  5. Bulgaria

  6. Georgia

  7. Ireland

  8. Italy

  9. FYR Macedonia

  10. Malta

  11. Montenegro

  12. Russia

  13. San Marino

  14. Serbia

  15. Slovenia

  16. The Netherlands

  17. Ukraine

The winner is decided by a combination of votes by a professional jury and pan-European televote in each county - their votes are combined to make the final points, which are presented by a spokesperson from each country.


Junior Eurovision 2014 winner Vincentzo Cantinello and the Bulgarian talents Krissia, Hassan and Ibrahim will perform in the show together with 200 young Bulgarian dancers, the children choir of the Bulgarian National Radio and many other Bulgarian young talents.  

Claudio Santucci, of Milan-based company Gio’Forma. The concept for the set is origami, inspired by the triangle of the Junior Eurovision logo. “It’s a very flexible and easy to use shape,” says John McCullagh, who is the Creative Director for this year’s competition. “The ancient art of Origami shows us how something simple can be transformed into something much more complex with just a little patience, practiced, and understanding. Our origami set is, therefore, the blank canvas on which the delegations can tell their story”.

The show will impress viewers around the globe with unique stage design and stage effects. The size of the stage is almost 700 sq.m. and there will be 400 moving lightsq as well as LED walls and rings that will create a breath-taking experience.

The stage design is done by Claudio Santucci, while Show Director is Gordon Bonello.

Discover Junior Eurovision 2015 on 21 November at Arena Armeec Sofia.