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EXE pres. ANTS

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EXE presents “ANTS”

START: 22:00 END: 07:00

RAVE ZONE tickets include:

‣ Rave zone access. ‣ Rave cash desk. ‣ Rave zone WC. ‣ Rave zone coatcheck. ‣ Rave zone bars. ‣ Chill zone access.

VIP STANDING TICKETS and VIP TABLES tickets include: ‣ VIP entrance. ‣ VIP zone access. ‣ Rave zone access. ‣ VIP cash desk. ‣ VIP WC. ‣ VIP coatcheck. ‣ VIP bars. ‣ Chill zone access. * VIP TABLES tickets include a table. Price does not include any consumption.

The Spanish organisation ANTS has started off as a big staff party concept. Soon the concept grew out of the staff party idea and ANTS was transformed into a festival concept with tours all over the world and a summer residency at USHUAIA, Ibiza.

ANTS does 12 international events each year, excluding the Ibiza dates and in 2023 Bulgaria will be amongst the ANTS tour dates with the EXE collaboration on February 18th, Inter Expo Center.

Headliners of the first ANTS event in Bulgaria are Ilario Alicante, Chelina Manuhutu, ANTS resident Andrea Oliva, Fransisco Allendes and EXE resident Pavel Petrov.

Ilario Alicante has started his career from an early age, he began appreciating music as a party goer and then he started DJing and producing. His music label is considered by those in the industry to be a place of musical discovery of the highest quality. Chenila Manuhutu is a Dutch DJ and producer. She is part of the Ultra Music Festivals and her appearances include London, Hi Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Fabric Madrid and many more.

EXE presents “ANTS” ‣ Inter Expo Center ‣ ILARIO ALICANTE / CHELINA MANUHUTU / ANDREA OLIVA / FRANCISCO ALLENDES / PAVEL PETROV ‣ 18.02.2023 ‣ Powered by: Reyka