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29 April 2023, Saturday, 7 p.m., Chamber Hall Bulgaria

La donna e mobile

The year is 1949. Five women and two men meet at a lonely train station, somewhere in Europe. The war is over, leaving lasting traces in each of them. Within the limited space of the waiting room, seven fates collide and come to life thanks to the music. About loneliness, art, love and the ability of women to overcome any challenge of fate. The talented singers, part of the vocal ensemble Bella Voce, will partner with the pianist-virtuoso Stefan Vrachev and guest-soloist Bogomil Spirov. The original idea for "La Donna e Mobile" came from singer Milena Gurova. You will hear music almost entirely created in the twentieth century, with the exception of two instrumental pieces, which we keep secret for the time being. The program includes compositions by M. Ravel, C. Porter, G.C. Menotti, M. de Falla, L. Bernstein, C. Debussy, B. Britten, E.W. Korngold, R. Hahn etc.