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The International Musical Mozart Festival will take place for twelfth time form 16-th to 20-th of August, 2016 in Pravets. Within five festival days and evenings a number of opera, symphony, dance and jazz performances will be presented with the participation of approved names, known from world musical stages, young opera talents from different countries, camera classical and jazz formations, the orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio, the orchestra and the ballet of Rousse State Opera, the orchestra and choir of Stara Zagora State Opera. The spectators-guests of the festival will follow the events on the venue by the lake in front of the RIU Pravets Resort Hotel, in the Terra ball-hall of the hotel, on the stage of community centre “Zrya 1895”, in the town squire in front of the Pravets Municipality, at the open area by the swimming pool and on the new build bridge, which elegantly binds RIU Pravets Resort Hotel with the golf complex.

Organizers dedicate this year issue of the festival to the 260-th anniversary of the birth of their patron Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Traditionally in the festival program will be included anniversaries, which world public marks down in the year 2016 – 400 years from the death of the two genii of the eloquence – William Shakespeare and Miguel De Cervantes, as well as 200 years from the first night of the opera “Barbiere de Seviglia” by Rossini. Spectators will see attractive and impressive concerts, untraditional performance of classics, the best from the world of opera, programs for children and adults, jazz for everyone, music, dance and poetry, also dance, music and beauty in sports and many other pleasing surprises and unexpected provocations. All these are in prospect in the Mozart days in August in Pravets for the numerous admirers of the festival.

The International Mozart Festival will be opened on 16-th August with an impressive symphonic concert of Mozart’s works at the venue by the lake in front of the RIU Pravets Resort Hotel. Concert for three pianos and orchestra by W. A. Mozart is the choice of the Artistic Director of the festival Mrs. Christina Angelakova for the official opening this year. Players will be Dian Chobanov, Georgi Cherkin, Viktor Chuchkov and the orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio with a conductor Dian Chobanov (Musical director of State Opera Plovdiv) The program also includes overture from the opera “Abduction from the Seraglio” and Symphony N36 (Linz) by Mozart.

From 5 p. m. on the second festival day we are faced with a real water fairy-scene in the swimming pool of the RUI Pravets Resort Hotel, where “Quattro Quartette” will play live music and the national team of synchronized swimming will perform its dance show. From 8.30 p. m. specially prepared for the festival ballet performance of the opera “Barbiere de Seviglia” by Rossini will be put on stage in front of the lake by Rousse State Opera for the first time, especially prepared for the festival. Conductor of the performance is Carlo Donadio, Director Boyan Ivanov, and choreographer Angelina Gavrilova.

The third day of the festival is dedicated to the jazz in classics. Under the motto “Everything is jazz” the lobby in front of “Tera” hall will turn into a special place for connoisseurs of all ages. The matinee in the morning will offer jazz educational program for children and adults. The evening off the day will end on the lake venue with a performance of the army brass band – a big band formation with a conductor captain Tsvetomir Vasilev from Second Toundzha Mechanized Brigade in the town of Stara Zagora.

The fourth day – 19-th August offers program for children, which will take place in the hall of the “Zarya” Community Centre from 11 a. m. where State Puppet Theatre Varna with its performance “Alegro Vivache or When Dolls Dance”. In the afternoon from 5 p. m. will be coming light transition to the topic of love and wine in the opera works. The beginning is at Ball Hall of the Hotel with “Wine, Poetry and Tasting” and from 8 p. m. on venue by the lake a fascinating concert of chosen choirs, arias, duets, ensembles, toasts from operas and operettas. Choir and orchestra of Rousse State Opera will participate with the conductor Jose Louis Gomes (Spain).

For the finale of the festival one of the most brilliant performances from the national bill, chosen by the organizers, is the opera “Lucia Di Lamermour” by Doniceti (Stara Zagora State Opera). It will take place at the squire in front of the Pravets Municipality on 20-th August from 8.30 p. m. and will be conducted by the Argentinean Mario de Rosse, with the participation of constellation of opera singers from Stara Zagora State Opera.

The anniversaries of William Shakespeare and Miguel De Cervantes will be marked with two special programs – on 17-th and 20-th of August from 11 a.m. in the Ball Hall of the RIU Pravets Resort Hotel. The eternal theme of love will come to life in parts of dramas and sonnets by Shakespeare. The famous Hidalgo Don Chicot will be in the focus of the program dedicated to Cervantes. Fragments from the opera “Don Chicot”, the musical “Man from La Manchia”and the ballet “Don Chicot” by Mincus also will be performed.

Photo-pictures titled “Eleven Years Festival Life” by the photographer Victor Victorov will decorate the lobby of the RUI Pravets Resort Hotel during the hall period of the festival days and evenings. The photographer’s retrospective view will bring us to the beginning, will lead the viewers through the years in order to get to the last impressive issues, which totally changed the vision and the scale of the International Musical Mozart Festival in Pravets.