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You think that classical music is too abstract, elitist and you don’t understand it? Think again!

Modo presents its newest project: SM&RT: Subtitled Music and Art. SM&RT is an 11-day festival which will take place in the Central Military Club in Sofia from 12th to 22nd May under the Patronage of Mr. Anu Anguelov, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The festival will include daily subtitled concerts, mini pillow concerts, pre-concert talks, group music lessons etc.

Concerts with Subtitles

In the framework of the SM&RT music festival distinguished musicians from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, UK and USA will perform a series of chamber music concerts in the Central Military Club in Sofia.

The concerts will be accompanied by subtitles on a screen which will present the musical works in an intelligent but accessible way and will guide the listener through some characteristics of the music which usually not perceived by lay people. The goal is to make classical music more accessible and to attract new audience which does not necessarily belong to the regular concert-goers. The idea of subtitled music is very innovative and new, not only in Bulgaria but also in the world.

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